Synology® unveils DiskStation® DS1823xs+, a powerful tower storage solution for up to 324 TB

Bellevue, WA (Feb. 22, 2023)—Synology today released the DiskStation DS1823xs+, a powerful central data storage solution in a desktop form factor. With up to 144 TB of raw storage capacity1 before expansion, DS1823xs+ is ideal for consolidating unstructured data at offices and studios. Capable of performing office-wide endpoint and server backup, sharing and syncing files between devices and locations, and managing local surveillance, it can be flexibly deployed wherever a dedicated server rack or data center is not available.

“As a desktop tower server, the new 8-bay DS1823xs+ is a powerhouse of a unit that can process heavy workloads and multitasking operations such as continuous backups, archiving surveillance footage, and more,” said Julien Chen, product manager at Synology Inc. “With its size and capacity, the DS1823xs+ is the perfect on-prem storage solution for agile and space-constrained businesses to back up, store, and sync workplace data.”

Flexible, safe, and dependable

With more than 3,100/2,600 MB/s sequential read/write speeds2 and flexible configuration options, the DS1823xs+ supports demanding applications in creative and data-oriented industries. Random I/O performance can be improved by adding fast M.2 NVMe or SATA SSD storage volumes or designating SSDs as read/write cache for HDD volumes.3 Built-in 10GbE connectivity and up to four optional 1/10/25GbE or Fibre Channel ports support applications that demand large bandwidth, while Synology DX517 expansion units4 can be added to the DS1823xs+ for up to 324 TB of total raw storage when data growth demands it.

The DS1823xs+ is powered by DiskStation Manager (DSM), Synology’s browser-based operating system that simplifies remote administration with powerful storage management, data protection, and maintenance solutions. These include remote drive replacement, cloud-based system health and security monitoring for distributed server fleets, and an out-of-band (OOB) management port that allows remote reboot, reset, and troubleshooting, even when the system is turned off. Pairs of servers can also be set up in an active-passive configuration to minimize downtime.

Multifunctional data platform

Synology Drive lets users access, share, and sync files between PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, boost collaboration between on-site and remote employees, and sync or distribute files between offices worldwide. With Hybrid Share5, businesses can harness the power of the cloud to efficiently sync data across sites and expand storage on demand. While the bulk of data is securely stored in Synology C2 data centers, caches of frequently accessed files are maintained on local Synology servers, providing reliable access at LAN speeds.

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Streamline data backup

Backups of PCs, Macs, Linux endpoints, servers, Synology systems, VMware® and Hyper-V® virtual machines, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace can be consolidated onto the DS1823xs+ with Active Backup Suite. Incremental backups cut down backup times, while fast recovery options help organizations minimize their recovery time objectives (RTO), and powerful data deduplication dramatically reduces storage space consumption.

Files and LUNs stored on the DS1823xs+ can be protected against ransomware attacks and other threats with near-instantaneous snapshots using Snapshot Replication, while minimizing storage use and RTOs. Hyper Backup5 allows backing up data securely to a host of destinations, including remote servers, cloud storage, or external media.

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Versatile video surveillance platform

Designed for businesses, Synology Surveillance Station is a powerful and flexible VMS that supports more than 8,300 validated and ONVIF-certified IP cameras. Up to 75 cameras can be added to the DS1823xs+6 and larger deployments are possible by linking up servers with the built-in Centralized Management System. A host of intuitive monitoring, management, and analysis tools for PC and mobile devices allow users to secure their premises from wherever they are.

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The DS1823xs+ is available starting today at an MSRP of $1799.99 from Synology resellers.

1.      Usable storage capacity may vary depending on drives used and RAID configuration.

2.      Performance figures are obtained through internal testing by Synology. Actual performance may vary depending on the testing environment, usage, and configuration. See performance charts for more information.

3.      SSD cache can be enabled by using Synology SAT5200 Series 2.5″ SATA SSD drives in standard drive bays or without occupying drive bays by installing Synology SNV3400 Series M.2 NVMe SSD drives through the built-in M.2 slots. Drives are sold separately.

4.      DS1823xs+ supports up to 18 drives with two Synology DX517 Expansion Units, sold separately.

5.      C2 Storage for Hybrid Share and Hyper Backup requires purchase of an annual or monthly subscription. A free trial is available for each newly registered device.

6.      Supports up to 75 IP cameras on a single Synology server with Synology Surveillance Station. Up to 10,000 cameras can be managed per deployment by adding more recording servers with Surveillance Station CMS. Surveillance Station includes two free licenses. Connecting more cameras and devices requires additional licenses. Learn more.

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